Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Awesome Jumps!

Had I known before that I would have had the chance to take all these totally sweet jumping pictures this week I would have looked forward to the last week of January 2010 all year long! January is such a generally awful month, nothing brightens it up like a slug of pictures. The last jumping picture of Summer I took was in the church on a Sunday a few months ago and I've wanted to do more ever since. We finally had a chance today but after dark, in the freezing cold, it isn't easy to leap around while I count "... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... Jump ...", but Summer is a real trooper and she did jump after jump and didn't gripe at all. If my shutter button finger was more accurate my jump subjects would probably be much happier. I promise to work on that :)


Vicki's Vicissitudes said...

Great pictures...but what is the deal with jump pictures? I haven't really understood why? lolun

Rick said...

Vicki I'm not sure I can explain it because it isn't too deep, and not too much to tell, but a 1950's era photographer named Phillipe Halsman officially started the craze by asking every celebrity he photographed to jump, just to loosen them up. Google him and you will see his work. I found that no one can be grumpy when they jump so it really works to lighten them up. Try it next time you want to rip someones guts out. Set up your camera, set the self timer, and jump until you get the shot. You'll be exhausted and smiling when you're done. Oh and send me the pictures, or else!