Friday, May 29, 2009


Aaron Stebbing, better known as A ron, has received his mission call to serve in Mexico Oaxaca so that makes four for four. This picture is one of many that I have of the "studs". The Smith family has been much better off with the "Stebs" in our life and now that Aaron is heading out for the mission field it feels like there is one of those rare but important parental paydays coming very soon.

Fun In The 'hood

It was very satisfying cutting down the Trelease's tree and having it land exactly where I intended. It added to the event having all the "government" employees directing my every move. They just needed orange vests and shovels to lean on. Engh's were kind enough to build a fire in their backyard so we could eat smores and Jamie Kirkham really enjoyed them :)

Memorial Day Weekend

What a kickoff for the summer. The weather didn't exactly remind us of summer but it's hard to complain about a 3 day weekend away from work. It was our first trip to the Scandinavian Festival and the highlight was a giant turtle that Calvin and Olivia got to ride. Calvin learned the importance of tractors and I learned it hauls more than just dirt in the bucket.

Friday, May 15, 2009


We haven't seen a grizzly yet but this black bear was a big boy. The best part of coming to Yellowstone in May is that the Rangers don't freak out and chase us away when we stop to take pictures. A side benefit of beating the crowds.


Yellowstone is so great this year, lots of animals and no people. Both moose were within a mile of our cabin so that was convenient.