Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Kirsten

We finally had the chance to celebrate Kirsten's birthday on Saturday and she still jumped for joy even though it was 4 days late. Serving a mission and going to college seems to get in the way of our parties for her. This August 25th was more fun than last year.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bret Mission Pictures

Bret's sd card came today and while downloading I realized it has been exactly 5 months since the last time he sent it. All of a sudden March 24th didn't seem so long ago. I don't know a lot about these photos so I can't comment on them. I do know he is having a great mission and it shows in each picture. He lived through the worst typhoon Taiwan has experienced in over 50 years and since he was safe and sound in his 20 story apartment building, he actually enjoyed it. I would be happier if in the future the typhoons took a northern route, sorry Japan.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I don't know if 29 years is a milestone for being married or not, but I do know it has been a great ride. One of my many faults is that I'm not big on fancy stuff and I'm happy driving up to the top of Guardsman Pass with family and friends and enjoy the day in a simple way. We went to the diner in Oakley and had a late lunch and then drove through Park City and over the top of Guardsman Pass. At 9,665 feet it was a sweltering 85 degrees so at more humble elevations it was hot today. Christensen's were nice enough to share the day with Marsha and me, and having Kirsten and Kylie along reminded me why I should be thankful for my blessings every day. We missed Michael and Bret, but they are both doing good things so I'm not complaining. I really do feel like I should "jump" for joy. Thanks dear.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Garden Week 13

I'm feeling pretty happy right now because the first picture is my dinner tonight. Anyone that knows me will probably agree that I'm no tree hugger or granola. I love the sound of chain saws ripping through trees, the smell of gun powder wafting up from a hundred or so fired cartridges, and the sight of sizzling rib eye steaks on the grill. But I will admit that growing and harvesting your own vegetables is a pretty close 4th place. My little speck of a garden has survived micro burst winds,
squash beetles, 100 degree heat, deer pooping on it and now grasshoppers all over the place and yet it still is producing. Yep, I'm happy.

The 2nd picture is as bad as it looks. While I was rolling around on the ground filled with joy over the produce I picked, I felt something slightly uncomfortable on my foot. When I came to my senses and looked down I saw a nasty hornet bouncing up and down on my ankle like a kid on a pogo stick. Remember how I love the smell of gunpowder? Luckily I thought twice about reaching for the 1911 A1, but I didn't hesitate swatting that piece of crap to hornet hell. Yes it still hurts, no I didn't cry.
The last picture might make you yawn and say "you've already posted pictures of bottled beans". Not so fast dude, I picked them, cut them, washed them and guess what - I bottled them. I rock.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Ward Party

I get accused of posting the most infamous pictures to facebook or my blog so I wanted to redeem myself and include only the most stunningly beautiful and complementary images from our summer ward party. Ok that may not apply to every picture, but almost.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just For Fun

I haven't posted anything just for fun lately and I've had a few of these pictures hanging around for a while so I decided to put them up. The clouds were taken in Manti just after a cold front moved through and dropped temperatures 20 degrees. The Big Dipper was one night we were sitting in Christensen's front yard and I was surprised it worked considering all of the city lights here in Salt Lake. The picture of Calvin Richard was one I had to put together because I'm trying to convince his parents to let him grow a rat tail. How sweet is NASCAR! The last photo was one that I admit to dinking around with. Check out the hair lines on Elders Ah Loo and Thommaros and on Michael. Oh yeah Jared Schmidt has some cool hand gestures. Ok, I'm happy now.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome Home Kirsten!!!!

Ok, on this end of Kirsten's mission I can comfortably admit that it's gone by really quick and after having her home for 24 hours it's almost like she was never gone. But I also admit that I have spent some quiet hours counting my blessings and having her home is one of them.

Three and a half years is too long for a brother and sister not to see each other, but at least they were doing the Lord's work.

This picture is for Bret. You can sit on my lap in 6 months.

I couldn't resist a picture of the two "future" missionaries.

Those are real honest to goodness missionary feet. Time for a well earned rest. Welcome home Kirsten, we love you.