Saturday, January 16, 2010

How Do You Spell JUMP?

Everything about photography interests me but after stumbling onto the curious world of jumping pictures I've been on a quest. I have had the good fortune of making contact (over the internet) with some of the best jump photographers anywhere. They actually ran across some of my pictures posted on Flickr and have added me as a contact which allows me to see all of their uploads. If I can get their permission I will post a few of their pictures in the near future. I learned very quickly that it isn't as easy as it would seem to catch someone mid-jump, in focus, correct exposure along with a half decent background. In fact some of my earliest attempts are pretty pathetic to say the least. If you can get off the ground at all you can be a perfect jump picture candidate and any knocks against my photos relate to me, not the photos subjects. I scan the virtual pages of Flickr looking for ideas and pictures that "jump" out at me. Some are challenging to say the least, both in terms of photographic ability and jumping agility. I really appreciate the willingness of all my friends and family to endure this unique interest of mine and one friend who continues to tolerate all of my requests is Nicole. She jumps over and over until I finally get it right and I suppose at some point she might tell me to "jump" in a lake, but so far so good and the pictures gracing this post are all thanks to her amazing jumping ability. So in this post I spell jump : "N I C O L E."

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