Friday, January 22, 2010

Safety Pays

My friend Vicki Laughlin in Louisiana was kind enough to send me a hat with her company's logo on it, "Total Safety", and I have started working on a project with that cap as my focus. The biggest problem I'm having is my attention is being diverted to the things I do for a living, namely taxes. So this project is moving along much slower than I would like but I managed to do a couple of pictures to satisfy my yearning to be creative and I have many more ideas in my little tiny brain, filed away for a day when I have time. So in between deadlines I intend to entertain myself with pictures of whomever, playing it "safe".

1 comment:

Vicki's Vicissitudes said...

I would have to say SAFETY DOES least for me. I didn't do too bad last year. I can only hope that I make that much every year....but I doubt it. :)