Friday, January 15, 2010

You Gotta Love The Fog

Not much to celebrate when the fog rolls in and I try to hide in my house and stay warm because that kind of cold cuts to your core. So when I was relaxing last night enjoying one of my favorite shows "Fringe" I was shocked back to reality when my peep Andrea texted to tempt me into driving downtown to take pictures of Temple Square in the fog. After a couple return texts she said "I don't know, I'm kind of tired." So I said "... your call woman, I'm tired too." Well as you can see from the pictures we pulled it together and hopped in the Yukon along with Marsha and a semi-reluctant, cry-baby Wyatt. All he could say was "I want hot chocolate ..." By the time we got there and set things up to get some pictures before security threw us off Temple Square, there was no time for hot chocolate. Sorry Wyatt :(
It was a little disappointing that the fog had lifted around the Temple but what a great time to be there. I was surprised at how empty it was after the huge crowds at Christmas. I've learned to trust Andrea's instincts for everything photographic and last night was no exception. If you want to see the most awesome shots from the night just link to her website from my links to the right side of this page. Her shots through the gate are amazing.

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