Saturday, September 10, 2011

Phillipe Halsman Contest

I was invited to enter a photo contest on the website last month, and guess what ... I won!!!!  Here is the description of the contest :

Last month, Jump Because issued a Challenge + Contest to jumpers to submit a photo that best represents this quote from jumping inspiration, Philippe Halsman.

"When you ask a person to jump, his attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the real person appears."

Phillipe Halsman is known as the father of the jumpshot and used that as a ploy to get celebrities to relax and let their guard down when he was taking portraits.  His quote above says it all and I've witnessed that over and over again while taking jumping pictures.

I wanted to submit this particular photo because it's hard to get cops to let their guard down and drop the mask.  It's rather unfortunate because the vast majority of us perps are pretty dang awesome, me included :)  And I think the cop persona really turns most people off and gives them bad press.
These 3 were no exception and in the beginning of our conversation they wanted nothing to do with it.  I had to do some fast talking to get them to jump for me, but in the end they were laughing like kids, and I hope it made their day!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maternity Jump

We have a new addition to our neighborhood but a week before Andrew was born I received an email from his lovely mother Andrea.  She said, and I quote "I want to get a maternity jump shot!"

I nearly leaped out of my chair.  The only thing that stopped me was my laptop was on my lap.  As we left for a suitable jumping location my only request was that we do it near a hospital for obvious reasons!  I've been excited about a number of my jumpshots but I have to admit this one is unique and ranks right near the top.

Thank you Andrea, for your over the top bravery and inspirational idea :)

Harvest Time!

I planted a garden in the spring and only half expected success.  Last year was a bust but if I didn't plant vegetables I would have to look at weeds all summer filling the garden, so in went the seeds.  Now after nearly 12 weeks of water and sun I'm eating fresh vegetables.

I spent a couple hours shucking corn tonight and I have to admit I like earwigs.  They're creepy crawly things but the ears of corn with earwigs hopping out didn't have any other bugs lurking around inside.  Thus more good juicy corn for me to eat.