Monday, January 11, 2010

Dancing Kylie

These pictures have nothing to do with January, cold weather or the awful inversion we are experiencing. I ran across them while I was editing some other pictures tonight and these made me smile. I'm not sure I was ever as lighthearted and free as Kylie seems to be. Her demeanor in these two pictures is actually the norm for her and when I see other teenagers misbehaving I have a hard time relating to the grief their parents must feel. The only advice I can offer to parents raising a daughter is beat 'em when they're little. Haha, that's the only thing I can figure out from my "vast" experience of raising children. I don't think I came to this life with the ability to cope with snotty, tempermental, high maintenance children so having Kylie in our family has been a real blessing. When it's freezing cold outside with a nasty inversion hanging over the valley I don't need to reach for mood enhancing medicine, I just need to look at pictures of Kylie being Kylie.


Allisun said...

I was really hoping that you could let Beau and I in a the secret to raising such great kids. If you ever figure it out, I'll use it on Nora. Kylie is such a great girl, and it's good to see her smiling face... if only on the blog. We need to move back!

Morgan said...

That was the cutest blog post ever!!!