Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vintage Bicycle - Vintage Pictures

About a year ago Wyatt went zooming by my house on a bike straight out of the fifties. It was in great shape and had squeeze bubble toot horn. With the correct basket this bike could come straight out of the Wizard of Oz. Pretty cool machine I'd say. Not much would surprise me about Wyatt. That's not entirely true, it would surprise me if he did something real evil. For the most part he is an innocent 17 something year old with no guile, so I would be shocked at an evil deed. No, his style is more shock effect, random eclectic purchase or activity.

So when I saw this vintage bicycle at his house I wasn't surprised, just curious. It seems that Andrea demanded the bike to satisfy her artsy appetite. True or false, you decide, I don't know the truth but I do know the bike is pretty awesome. I've wanted to try some 2nd curtain shots using the 580 ex II speedlite so the wonderful Christensen's got the bike out and agreed to ride up and down the street while I shot pictures. I thought the 2nd curtain effect was pretty cool and it would work better with a vehicle going a little faster. But then the pictures wouldn't feature such an awesome vintage bicycle.

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