Friday, April 30, 2010


SoapChickAsh is the name that my good friend and peep Ashley Lindsey is known by on Flickr. She makes soap ... and has quite a collection of beach glass ... and has two awesome little girls, pretty cool :) She is also a photographer and a good one at that. I was doing my routine on Flickr 5 or 6 months ago when I ran across one of her outstanding photos. It was included in Action Shot! Revolution Pool (click here to see the photo) and it caught my eye because it features two friends jumping on the top of some giant bales of hay. My love of jump shots is fairly well known, so I had to find out who the mastermind was behind that picture.

After a few hiccups, like being creeper blocked from her photostream, I finally had the chance to share a few messages with Ashley, get unblocked, and was able to see more of her photos. I've wanted to post some for a while now and she was kind enough to give me permission the other day to feature some of my favorites. The picture of her daughter Erin jumping with the school bus in the background is my all time favorite with the profile shot of Erin being nearly equal.

What makes a photograph memorable is when it tells a story that I understand and maybe even relate to. Her images all tell a story and it's obvious she takes the time to make them "just so". I am happy to admit many of her photographs intimidate the heck out of me and have given me added incentive to improve my work and try to develop the eye for artsy pictures like Ashley has. I hope you take the time to visit her photostream on Flickr because the 10 pictures I've included in the post are just a tiny sample of her talent.

Having Ash as a friend is pretty awesome and we had the chance to get together a month ago to shoot some pictures while she and her girls were here in Salt Lake. They were on a dead run and I was in the middle of tax season so it was a quick adventure, but long enough that she was able to teach me a few things that I have applied in some of my pictures. She still has to teach me how to use Photoscape :)

Oh, in case you are wondering why she was here in Salt Lake ... her husband Wes, who is a "sigh-yun-tist" haha, got a job in Salt Lake and they are moving here in the near future!!!! Awesome, I can feel more photoshoots on the way with SoapChickAsh. I'll learn to deal with the intimidation factor :)

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