Monday, May 17, 2010

Vacation Jumps And Flickr Friends

Vacation was a blast. I haven't confirmed that with my family yet, but I had a good time. I've done Disneyland enough that I don't need go again for a while. I would miss Tower of Terror, but the rest of the rides I can leave for a few years and be just fine. Capistrano and Dana Point, well that's another story ... I can't wait to go there again.

I've introduced you to a few of my Flickr friends and it's time introduce another. His name is Kristiano and his lovely wife is Christy and they live in SoCal. They came to Utah about a month ago and we got together for a couple hours for pictures before they headed on their way. He prepares tax returns for high income individuals so we made a professional connection right away. His photos are simply awesome and he and Christy are just as aweome people. They found out we were in SoCal close to where they live so they took time out of their schedule to come by our hotel for a visit and a few pictures.

Kristiano has some great equipment that compliments his talent and I've learned some cool things from him. I would encourage everyone to check out his photostream. Disneyland is a pretty good vacation destination, but for me spending time with family and wonderful friends makes all the difference.

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