Monday, May 24, 2010

Flickr Front Page Explore

First of all I want to offer a huge shout out to one very talented photographer Megg who is otherwise known as just a single cup of coffee. She had this photo featured on the front page of Explore on Flickr. estimates the total number of pictures posted on Flickr to be about 500 million, yep that's right, a huge amount. My time on Flickr has shown that around three to five thousand images are uploaded every minute. Explore page showcases about 500 images per day, a very small percentage of the uploads to be sure. Beyond that Explore has what is called Front Page and that is pretty much what it sounds like, a front page that has only the most interesting of all the photos. I'm not certain how many of the 500 photos per day in Explore make it on to the front page but it's probably not more than 30.

These numbers are getting huge and the odds of being featured on the Front Page of Explore are tiny and you need to top the list of "interestingness" measured by the mysteries of Flickr which is a tightly held corporate secret. No lie :)

Well Megg made it, and I couldn't be happier for her. I have talked her talent up on this blog a few times and for good reason. She has real ability and passion that makes her shine among many bright stars on Flickr and I hope each of you will check out her blog and enjoy her posts and daily photos. Oh, did I mention she jumps everyday? Yeah pretty amazing. Congrats Megg, you deserved this reward.

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