Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garden Version 2010 ....Hmmm

I'm not much of a gardener. It's my therapy to dig in the dirt but every year something strange happens like a snow storm in the middle of June that freezes everything in sight. Or a cool wet spring and then on July 1st the temperature soars to 99 degrees and doesn't dip for 2 solid months. I have no doubt my plants think ... "What the crap? Why did we have to get planted in this unfriendly place!"

But each spring as Mothers Day rolls around I start getting antsy to get the garden planted and try again to grow the best Halloween pumpkins, award winning tomatoes, awesome potatoes than my Irish ancestors would love to eat and of course not have a weed in sight. Ha.

It is still getting down into the low 20's at night here in the mountain valley of Manti so wimpy vegetables have to wait a couple weeks to go in the ground, but the soil is perfect for tilling and I heard the tractor calling my name yesterday. I figured if I got the garden tilled and some of the weeds knocked down in the south 40 it would make planting easier when the temperature rises.

About 15 years ago Manti irrigation installed a pressurized system and without that I couldn't have green grass or a garden since I'm not there enough to water when things get dry. So when the irrigation company put the pipes in the ground I paid for a connection in the back of my lot figuring someday I could expand my garden and utilize the connection 300' out back. It wasn't too many years before I forgot where the heck the stub off was located. I was confident it was close to the fence line and buried 3' deep. Well yesterday I found it ..... and I was wrong on the location and the depth it was buried :(

So garden version 2010 has already reared it's ugly head and I can't wait to see what else is in store for this weekend farmer!

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