Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who Picked This Joint?

There are always adventures when you go on vacation and not the least of which are the places you stay. The internet is a fabulous invention and everyone knows (I think) that I am a huge fan of technology. Remember using the Yellow Pages to find crap? Traveling out of state was a real adventure in years past, because you had to depend on personal experience or someones recommendation on hotels.

Since traveling to California a couple times I have found a favorite. If you have a chance to visit be sure to find this hotel. It's just off of Harbor Blvd and smack dab in the middle of California Adventures. Sometimes known as the Tower of Terror, yikes !!!!


I-want-one-of-those said...

You better watch your back in that place, real dead people stay there!

Rick said...

Boy that's the truth! Creepiest place I've been :)