Sunday, April 11, 2010

Way Behind

My friend Don Adamson mentioned to me today that I needed to get my priorities straight and get some updates to this blog. I admit I've been over the top busy with work but I have had time for some awesome jump shots with a few willing victims. I am so ready for nice weather I can't stand it. Just a chance to get some shots outside with blue sky in the background would be nice. This week wraps up the freaking wild tax season so I'm looking forward to a little quality camera time real soon. I can't take credit for the first picture because Bret took it in Taiwan and emailed it to me last week. I was glad to see he is enjoying jump pictures 7,500 miles away!


us said...

Oh, and congrats on making through another tax season!

us said...

I have to say you are a great photographer, but my favorite of this bunch is of Brett jumping. The backgrounds in those rock!

Rick said...

I need to bag the expensive camera and use a point and shoot like Bret has, or fly to Taiwan and shoot some :)