Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Friend Megg

First let me clarify that I haven't met Megg but I have followed her Flickr page for nearly a year and have enjoyed her talent and learned from her, so I feel like I can rightfully call her my friend. She is a teacher by profession so it's no wonder that she has been so willing to help me learn, and so patient with my questions. When I first saw her work I was attracted to it by something very unique and creative but the problem I had was that I am a CPA and I live in the decidedly uncreative world of tax law so I couldn't put my finger on what was so appealing about her images. All I knew is that they kept drawing me back and had me looking forward to more of her interesting posts.

One day as I was enjoying her latest post I knew I had to learn from her so I sent a quick note asking her about her processing. Of course Megg sent me a note back explaining things and forwarding a link to a tutorial that I have referred to a number of times now. The easy part, even for a CPA, is learning the mechanics, but the talent associated with her photography is something else entirely and that's what sets her work apart from so many others that I have seen.

I checked Flickr this morning like I do each day and saw another awesome post from Megg so I fired off another email to ask her permission to post some more of her outstanding pictures. After posting some of her images a month ago I've had a few people mention how much they enjoy her work too, so I'm thrilled to share more. Personally, I have never seen lomography presented any better, but it isn't just the iconic processing that makes her work impressive, it's the amazing talent and dedication to telling a story with each picture she takes. Follow the link to her blog here and enjoy her posts! Megg, if you're out there, you're the best :)

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