Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Best Street In Salt Lake

It's hard to choose my favorite part of spring, more sunshine, warmer weather, the scent of flowers, green grass ... you get the idea. But one thing I always look forward to is the neighborhood coming alive with everyone heading outdoors to soak in the changing season. Moods are better and with the additional daylight it is finally an option to stay outside and share evenings with friends and neighbors.

This is particularly enjoyable when you live on the best street in town like I do. My photographic mentor Andrea "plans" the best impromptu gatherings under her legendary tree and I've looked forward to attending those all winter long. It turns an ordinary street into a family-like community and brings us all together for a few hours of relaxation and visiting. A celebration of spring.

This week has brought some welcome warm weather so it was a chance to get outside and see who was stirring. Any time is a good time for some jump pictures, but it's hard to beat the feeling that comes from jumping in the spring and on the best street in Salt Lake!

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