Friday, April 16, 2010

April 15th (or so)

I have neglected almost everything in my life the past 4 months and although it's normal for tax season (particularly when you are self-employed) this year has seemed worse. When the IRS announced in January that brokerage houses and banks had an additional two weeks to issue 1099's to their customers, it had a ripple effect all the way down to little ole me. Nearly everyone was slower this year getting their information organized so it made it later in the season for me to get things prepared. I am still very grateful for the work I have and this is in no way meant to gripe. I count my blessings everyday for work and health and family. I'm exhausted every April 16th so a rest is welcome. I know many people who are facing employment challenges and they are in my thoughts frequently.

I have been an avid photographer, albeit amateur and a slow learner, for a few years and I have wanted to upgrade my camera for some time .... so, I received a Canon 5D Mark II in the mail this week for my after tax season surprise to myself, and what a sweet camera :) This is going to be fun!

In 10 days Bret will be home from 2 years in Taipei, Taiwan and I can't wait to see him. What an awesome experience he has had, and I have to believe that being fluent in Mandarin at 21 years old will be a real asset for his entire life, let alone the wonderful blessings he has accrued from living among those great people of Taiwan.

Oh yeah, a jump for joy picture for the end of tax season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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