Monday, February 8, 2010

An Old Friend

I know smoking is bad for you and has fallen out of grace with political correctness, but my Marine Corps branded Zippo lighter has been with me for a lot of years and actually brings back wonderful memories of times past. It has lit it's share of cigarettes but it has also started campfires, lit Coleman stoves, countless candles and even acted as toy keeping idle hands busy flipping the lid open and closed. If you've never had experience with these types of lighters you have to be careful after you filled the base with lighter fluid. If the lighter ended upside down in your pocket the fluid would seep out and soak your clothes, Before you realized it was wet, your leg would have an almost immediate burning sensation and you suddenly wished you had paid better attention to the orientation of the lighter in your pocket. It was worth the eventual liquid fire in your pocket to carry such a handy tool. With a Zippo and a mini-Leatherman you could survive in the wild. How cool is that? I need a new flint and some Zippo Lighter Fluid and mine would be good as new. I might need to run to the grocery store tomorrow.

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