Saturday, December 26, 2009


_MG_6734, originally uploaded by rtsmithcpa.

I have a lot of reasons I look forward to Manti during Christmas week, not the least of which are cold temperatures, fresh snow, clear blue sky with no inversion, and now a new reason. A tractor that can move snow where ever I want it! With a 90' double driveway shoveling by hand is out of the question so I have a good friend here that plows the driveway every storm with his truck. I appreciate it very much and he does an awesome job, there's just a few places he can't get because he can't turn the truck sideways in the driveway. Enter the tractor!!! I can twist and turn any direction I need to on this bad boy and it not only pushes snow like the truck but with the shovel I can scoop and move. Now all I need is a storm to dump 3' of snow so I can really put the Kubota through the paces.

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