Monday, December 21, 2009

Perfection and Reality

I love the little "Richard"s, Olivia, Calvin and Everett, and I try to take advantage of every chance to get a picture of them so when Andrea suggested I drop by for a minute yesterday the door at the church didn't hit me in the butt on the way out. One of the things that makes picture taking fun is all of the outtakes that result in attempting perfection. I don't profess perfection in any pictures I take but the subjects acheive that in their demeanor very often and as I looked through the pictures from yesterday it struck me how many screaming, wiggling, reaching, nose picking, poking, yelling, spit up and otherwise parent-stress-inducing moments I captured versus just few near perfection ones. It's kind of like real life in my mind, so these two pictures I've named "Perfection" and "Reality" in honor of one of my most beloved peeps, Andrea, and her endless patience for all things real.

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