Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kirsten! Too many candles on the cake, yikes!

We celebrated Kirsten's birthday yesterday and we had a classic, carrot cake with ice cream! Yep I'm a happy dude. I think the only reason you need the cake is to hold up the yummy frosting and it was no coincidence that the frosting was thick! But carrot cake is nice and moist so it was perfect. One thing that is a little different for Kirsten is that we can only celebrate for one day. In years past her birthday celebration dragged on for a week. Given the opportunity I would do the same for mine, but for Kirsten it was always a birth "week" rather than a birth "day" celebration. Now with graduate school starting and working, Kirsten only gets one day like most mere mortals.

The biggest decision might be how many candles to put on her cake in the future. Smoke detectors are very sensitive :)

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