Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm a Flickr and photography junkie. I admit it and further more I'm happy about it! Some people live on Facebook or send hundreds of text messages from their cell phone for their passion. Not me, it's Flickr all the way! You can visit anonymously and view pictures posted by others or you can make new friends and discover their secrets for creating awesome photographs. I have made some great friends as a result of posting photographs on Flickr and I have learned something from each one. I have introduced you to a few of my friends in the past and I wanted you to meet Niki.

Emeraldgeal is what she goes by on Flickr and she lives in New Brunswick, Canada. That is a long way from Utah! But her photographs and posts mirror the homey family oriented feelings that Utah offers to so many of us. Like many of my Flickr heroes, I've never met her in person but when you view someones photo's you get an intimate glimpse into who they are, and I could tell from Niki's pictures she was the kind of person I wanted as a friend and someone I could bother for tips and get ideas from to improve my photographic skill. She has an awesome resume as far as art and photography go, but she wants to be low key about that and I respect her feelings.

Here in Utah we are known for our neighborliness and how we watch out for one another, so it caught my attention when Niki posted some things about her neighbor Marg and her ongoing battle with cancer. Nicola's feelings for her neighbor really had an impact on me and her picture of her jumping next to Marg is a classic in my opinion. Those two have an obvious bond and it shows in the photograph.

I asked Niki if I could post some of her pictures that I have enjoyed over the past 6 months and she graciously gave me permission so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. When you get a minute visit her Flickr photostream. You can follow the link here to see some great photography. Thank you Niki and thanks to your husband Lou for letting you pursue your passion and share it with all of us :)

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