Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Calvino

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Trying to get everyone together for a group shot proved impossible but at least the die-hards stayed until this awesome sunset. I'm a little sad that the whole neighborhood didn't turn out for Calvin's party because in my mind this is the glue that binds us all together. Taking a few minutes out of busy schedules to give of your time. That's what I believe is important. No gifts, no big scenes, just a little time and renewal of friendships. I saw how the eclectic group of kids played together running back and forth between parents and playgrounds while I stalked around with my camera trying to be invisible. I really like the socialization that exists with our neighborhood and yet I was a little sad that more weren't with us. There are so many friends and neighbors that I love and count as dear friends and yet it seems like they miss all of the great activities and I miss their company. Time is valuable and that's why it's such a special gift to share.

I'm positive Calvin was as happy as a pig in mud and Wyatt and Andrea had everything set up and organized like clock work. It made it one of those times that I will treasure. Maybe I feel that way because I've had so many flipping birthdays that in someways I see the sun going down on me, (yikes), or maybe I'm figuring out that nothing is more important than friends, family and loved ones and the best gift we can give is our time.

Thanks Andrea, and maybe Wyatt, for including us and all the others in Calvino's celebration! I hope all of you enjoyed the evening as much as I did :)

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Andrea Christensen said...

Oh, now I feel bad. Everyone came that was invited (except Ryan & Tiff - family reunion, & Shaws) ... who else should I have invited?