Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend at Elevation

I think I enjoy Labor Day weekend more than Memorial Day weekend. Cooling temperatures make me happier than rising temps and nothing quite equals the start of football season. I don't even feel guilty lurping around for 3 days by the time September arrives. The past few years we've loaded into the old Suburban and headed up to the top of Skyline Drive above Manti. We've been lucky enough to have great friends to visit over the holiday weekend and that just makes the family bigger and better.

Yesterday took us to Skyline Drive and a real adventure. I've wanted to get jumpshots with a forever depth of field and that requires light in the foreground and good backlight so I can crank the f stop to 22. Conveniently I bought some pocket wizards a few months ago and they provided the magic touch I needed. Mother Nature did the rest :)


I-want-one-of-those said...

How fun! That looks so peaceful up there. Labor Day is great but, don't be wishing the snow too early.

mikehedge said...

ah!!!! jumping!