Thursday, August 6, 2009

Utah Fast Pass Road Rally

We pulled into Manti today and immediately got buzzed by a helicopter that landed in the park next to us. Since it's August and work isn't exactly a priority, we decided to investigate the unusual event. Lucky us because Manti was a pit stop for the Utah Fast Pass Road Rally and I had my camera handy. This is a charity road rally that folks who own some righteous cars pay to participate in, and the Highway Patrol escorts them through the state. Based on the smiles of the drivers and the cops both, I have a hunch that speed limits are stretched a little. Good for them. The bright yellow Lambo gave a neighbor kid a ride to his house to show his cousin that Lamborghini's really exist and that the people who own them have a kind heart. Oh yeah, the Highway Patrol has a heart too, they let Marsha off with a warning :)

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