Friday, August 21, 2009

Garden Week 13

I'm feeling pretty happy right now because the first picture is my dinner tonight. Anyone that knows me will probably agree that I'm no tree hugger or granola. I love the sound of chain saws ripping through trees, the smell of gun powder wafting up from a hundred or so fired cartridges, and the sight of sizzling rib eye steaks on the grill. But I will admit that growing and harvesting your own vegetables is a pretty close 4th place. My little speck of a garden has survived micro burst winds,
squash beetles, 100 degree heat, deer pooping on it and now grasshoppers all over the place and yet it still is producing. Yep, I'm happy.

The 2nd picture is as bad as it looks. While I was rolling around on the ground filled with joy over the produce I picked, I felt something slightly uncomfortable on my foot. When I came to my senses and looked down I saw a nasty hornet bouncing up and down on my ankle like a kid on a pogo stick. Remember how I love the smell of gunpowder? Luckily I thought twice about reaching for the 1911 A1, but I didn't hesitate swatting that piece of crap to hornet hell. Yes it still hurts, no I didn't cry.
The last picture might make you yawn and say "you've already posted pictures of bottled beans". Not so fast dude, I picked them, cut them, washed them and guess what - I bottled them. I rock.

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