Monday, August 17, 2009

Just For Fun

I haven't posted anything just for fun lately and I've had a few of these pictures hanging around for a while so I decided to put them up. The clouds were taken in Manti just after a cold front moved through and dropped temperatures 20 degrees. The Big Dipper was one night we were sitting in Christensen's front yard and I was surprised it worked considering all of the city lights here in Salt Lake. The picture of Calvin Richard was one I had to put together because I'm trying to convince his parents to let him grow a rat tail. How sweet is NASCAR! The last photo was one that I admit to dinking around with. Check out the hair lines on Elders Ah Loo and Thommaros and on Michael. Oh yeah Jared Schmidt has some cool hand gestures. Ok, I'm happy now.


Morgan said...

RICK!!! Do NOT convince Christensen's to have Calvin grow a rat tail. It just screams, "I am white trash!" Hahaha

Laughlin Family said...

ha-ha-ha is all that I can say