Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm not an artist or a real photographer and I've never done anything with film processing so I keep learning all sorts of new stuff messing with Photoshop and viewing photo's on Flickr. I've really enjoyed a type of processing called lomography which is based on cross-processing of color negative film in slide film chemicals or the other way around. You get blown out highlights and intense contrast with a light yellow-green shade over the image. Back a few years ago there were camera's called diana's and they duplicated this process in a cheap campy sort of way and created a kind of cult following check the site out here. I think it adds a way cool effect to photo's so I've been experimenting with this process. I've followed the most awesome Flickr photostream singlecupofcoffee and Megg has mastered this process. Check out her pictures.

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