Friday, March 5, 2010

Jump Shot Updates

Oh, beauty I've been busy so it was refreshing to wake up to snow this morning. Since the daily high temperatures have been hovering around 52 degrees for the past few days I have had a hard time focusing on work and my camera keeps calling my name. The desire to sneak out of the office and play eases when the weather is cold and snowy. I start the work week by staying as late as my body lets me and then by Thursday I start wearing down and needing a diversion. So I welcomed Andrea's call yesterday morning when she said "I dreamed we were doing jump shots of people, so lets go get some." I couldn't spend as much time as I wanted but we got some awesome shots. Thanks to Tanna who is always so willing to jump for me (with no notice even), thanks to Kylie's Seminary class for sneaking out and jumping and thanks to Marsha and Kylie for jumping when sick and injured. I've included other pictures of recent shots that have done more for my mental health than anyone could imagine.