Thursday, September 3, 2009

Garden Week 15

The past two weeks have been on the hot side but the garden has exploded, enjoying every sweat inducing degree. When I pulled in the driveway tonight I could see these bad boys before I even stopped the Yukon. If you get brave and check my post of one year ago, Labor Day weekend 2008, you will see that we had temperatures below freezing which is very common at this elevation in the high mountain valleys of Utah. Not this year, at least not this weekend. The amazing part of this is that I am not, nor ever claimed to be, a gardener and if you look closely (or not since they are taking over) at the last photo you will see the curse of my existence, weeds. How real farmers and gardeners keep weeds out I've yet to learn but I will still get the last laugh tonight as I wolf down a few big red tomatoes.

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