Thursday, September 24, 2009

Favorite Shoes

I saw a post on a friends blog about shoes. Dancing shoes, running shoes, fancy shoes, tap shoes, ballet shoes, maybe even more types of shoes than that. When I was watching Dancing With The Stars the other night they had a dance tribute to Patrick Swayze and one of the professional dancers was barefoot. That could be her favorite pair of shoes because she seemed pretty confident and capable in her footwork. So here is my favorite pair of shoes, or boots actually. I have to wear shoes on Sunday and during tax season when I regularly wear a suit to work but the rest of the year I pull these on. If they are good enough for the Marines keeping the bad guys away, they are good enough for me. When I had the chance to do my part keeping bad guys at bay I wore black boots and had to spit shine them. This is a little easier.

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