Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maternity Jump

We have a new addition to our neighborhood but a week before Andrew was born I received an email from his lovely mother Andrea.  She said, and I quote "I want to get a maternity jump shot!"

I nearly leaped out of my chair.  The only thing that stopped me was my laptop was on my lap.  As we left for a suitable jumping location my only request was that we do it near a hospital for obvious reasons!  I've been excited about a number of my jumpshots but I have to admit this one is unique and ranks right near the top.

Thank you Andrea, for your over the top bravery and inspirational idea :)


Nicole said...

Your blog is alive again! Yes, Andrea is Wonder Woman. The pics turned out to be really Cool! I'm a bit jealous ;)

Rick said...

Gosh Nic I'm trying to remember the last time you emailed me for a picture :p

debb said...

Wow this is a good one: free as a bird just before the crown prince is burst out
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