Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a Perfect Weekend

I try to get out shooting as often possible but this summer has been too hot and I kind of wimped out. So when our friend Jared Schmidt reminded me that I had promised him a shooting extravaganza in Manti sometime and had not followed through, well, I had to change that. Michael and Bret picked him up in Provo on the way to Manti and by the time they arrived I had the magazines loaded and we were off to the hills.

I'm guessing we filled 2 dozen milk cartons and if we'd taken 10 dozen we wouldn't have had enough, but what a blast that was. This winter I'm going to put food coloring in the water so that should make for some cool effects.

It was perfect weather for shooting, no wind, great temperature, no people around and plenty of loaded magazines!

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Nicole said...

That looks like so much fun!!! Remember you promised to take me shooting too.