Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kylie Graduated !!!!

June 2, 2010 ended 12 long years of elementary and secondary education for Kylie. Wow has that gone fast ... at least for me it has:) But, before I go too far with this celebration, I have to explain that high school graduation isn't the end of her journey through formal education, in fact it's more an expectation than a grand celebration of reaching a life long goal.

Many people are successful in life without a lot of education but I don't know anyone who has been hurt by education. My college degree barely qualified me for my profession and the reality is my time in school taught me how to learn more than anything else.

So it is with Kylie. She has come a long way in the past 12 years and I am very proud of her. Under graduate studies begin in the fall at Utah State and I am confident that she will quickly take to college in all aspects. It needs to be a fun journey to keep the spark alive for the desire of life long learning.

I hope she follows her sister Kirsten and ultimately moves on to graduate school to further her formal education. After a few years no one will ask her if she graduated from high school because for most of us it's an expectation rather than the pinnacle of a life time goal. But for now it's all celebration. Congratulations Kylie, you rock!!!

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I-want-one-of-those said...

Congrats!! Kylie is such an awesome girl!!