Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day Special Event

We wanted to celebrate Valentines Day in the traditional way and not so traditional. So Like a good boy I got roses for my babes and thenWyatt and Andrea, Olivia and Calvin Richard came to Manti along with Carrie Andrea's sister and her friend Candace Jones. Other than Andrea and her "morning sickness" and Wyatt and his very own "morning sickness" we had a great time. Wyatt and Andrea didn't stay overnight but Carrie and Candace did and we shot a hole in the Earth again today. It snowed a few inches overnight but by 2:00 pm the sun was out and we took advantage of it. Carrie learned how not to hold a Colt Anaconda 44 mag revolver and her picture testifies. She will heal just fine. Hopefully Wyatt will too.

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